Your Perfect Beach Wedding Accessories

Getting married on the beach never looked so beautiful...

So, you're engaged and you're planning your dream, why don't you go somewhere tropical for your dream beach wedding? A destination wedding, perhaps?

As palm trees sway in the gentle warm breeze, reggae beats fill the air and cocktails are happily brought over to you by a bronzed, smiling local as you step into the relaxed pace of Island Life, in preparation for a beach wedding. Your beach wedding. 

The dress is ready, the dance has been practiced, the rehearsed vows they trickle off the tongue so effortlessly. You're as ready as you'll ever be. 

You pull on your flowing dress, hair gently swept up, native flowers adorning your temples gently perfuming your headspace. You breathe in the love and vibes of the beach you're about to get married on. Salty, sweet air, the essence of love surrounding and embalming every breath you take. 

You slip on your handcrafted pearl barefoot sandals gently, piece by piece before you step out of your suite and onto the path down to your love. 

The drums beat, your heart beats. Your heart melts. It's time....

Katie Cantlon

Sapphire and Grace, PO Box 139 , Summer Hill NSW 2130, Australia