Your Perfect Beach Wedding Accessories

Getting married on the beach never looked so beautiful...

So, you're engaged and you're planning your dream, why don't you go somewhere tropical for your dream beach wedding? A destination wedding, perhaps?

As palm trees sway in the gentle warm breeze, reggae beats fill the air and cocktails are happily brought over to you by a bronzed, smiling local as you step into the relaxed pace of Island Life, in preparation for a beach wedding. Your beach wedding. 

The dress is ready, the dance has been practiced, the rehearsed vows they trickle off the tongue so effortlessly. You're as ready as you'll ever be. 

You pull on your flowing dress, hair gently swept up, native flowers adorning your temples gently perfuming your headspace. You breathe in the love and vibes of the beach you're about to get married on. Salty, sweet air, the essence of love surrounding and embalming every breath you take. 

You slip on your handcrafted pearl barefoot sandals gently, piece by piece before you step out of your suite and onto the path down to your love. 

The drums beat, your heart beats. Your heart melts. It's time....

Barefoot Sandals- The Beginning


Our Journey From Barefoot to Beautiful!

Boho jewelry holds a special place in Sapphire & Grace's hearts...

Our journey began when our designer, Katie, was getting married on a tropical island in Fiji (such an amazing place for a destination wedding, don't you think?).

She scoured the globe for something special, unique and beachy to wear on her feet for the big day as she was getting married on the sand and no high heels would cut it. Unfortunately, though, she couldn't find anything she felt super special in. So, she looked into how to make pearl barefoot sandals herself and came up with her own design and decided to teach herself how to make jewelry. Wedding jewelry of all things! For her very own beach wedding!

That day started a new career for her, and so the Sapphire & Grace journey began. 

Friends were asking "Where did you buy those barefoot sandals?" "Where can I get me some of those wedding flats?" (footless of course!)  Katie was humbled to say she had created them herself.

Here at Sapphire & Grace we love to get inspired by all things bohemian.  We have a special love for barefoot sandals, especially something comfortable, elegant and beach-inspired. Our wedding barefoot-sandals are something to behold as we have many designs to suit each bride. We stock a range of designs for the barefoot bride especially with your beach wedding in mind, however, these don't have to be just bridal shoes. They can be perfect to take on vacation to your tropical destination wedding venue and shine like never before, to wear on honeymoon or simply to wear to your next pool party. 

We are excited to create and handcraft our pearl beach wedding sandals and hope you love them as much as we do.